Austerity Measures

What’s wrong with austerity measures? The whole world is crying out for want of satisfaction of the senses not knowing that such satisfaction won’t bring us happiness in any way. 

Austerity is good. Good for you, good for me and good for everyone. Let’s name some of those austerities. 

No more meat, fish and eggs. Become a vegetarian! It’s good for your spirit. Enough bad karma. It’s good for your health. 

Meat is the most polluted food, and it’s not good for the world. There is enough food on this planet to feed the world many times over, the vegetarian way. 

Imagine as the Chinese get wealthier and economically prosperous they also want to eat meat in the same way their Western neighbours do. This would only be possible if we cut down the entire Amazon forest and more. Do we really want to do that? 

No one ever mentions the impact of meat consumption on global warming and the destruction of the environment. Why? What happens to the Amazon forest? It’s being cut down. Huge areas. Why? To make space for cattle rearing for our ever increasing meat consumption. Most of our grains get fed to animals for meat consumption and most of our fish end up as fish meal for cattle rearing. You didn’t know?

And it makes sense to become a vegetarian in terms of ecology too. Let’s say you have a plot of land to grow grains for human consumption and a same size plot for cattle rearing to provide meat. You can feed many times more people directly with grain products than through the meat chain. This has been proven. Even simple logic dictates that. 

Is it really such an austerity to abstain from meat and be a vegetarian? Not at all. It’s just a simple change of habit led by proper knowledge and insight. Above all, a vegetarian diet is so much more tasty and satisfying than gorging ourselves on decomposing bodies. 

Above all, if we want to embrace a more spiritual life style our attachment to non veg food will block our spiritual advancement and evolution of consciousness. Why? Because being more spiritual means feeling for others who are as much spiritual beings as we are. Spiritual life means compassion and mercy. Being a humanitarian isn’t enough. What about the animals? Meat eating destroys mercy and compassion. This is obvious. Therefore it is not possible to make meaningful spiritual advancement and at the same time killing innocent creatures. 

Are there any more austerity measures that are good for us, for the body, mind and soul? Yes, there are. We will elaborate on them below. 

The other great misconception is the “I have given you domination over all creatures” from the Genesis in the Bible. On the first look this seems to give us a free license to exploit all creatures of this world as well as the resources of planet earth itself, after all we are the crown of creation, the most advanced civilisation that has ever walked the earth. This world view is exactly what has brought us to the state we are in today. 

However, on a closer look this is not so. It is not the meaning of domination. So what has God given to us then? Let’s look at what ‘domination’ really means. The Queen of England or any other monarch has domination over her subjects. Does that mean she will slaughter and kill them? Domination means protecting them. Therefore the ‘I have given you domination over all creatures’ means I have entrusted all creatures into your care in order to protect them like your very own children. This understanding along with throwing out the Darwinian myth of ‘survival of the fittest’ might have changed the course of history and a world view of ruthless exploitation and elbowing our way to the so called top of the existential pyramid to a more caring attitude for other human beings, animals, plants and the planet per se. Just see what philosophy does, or better a distorted philosophical outlook. This is not the evolution of human consciousness to higher civilisation, just the opposite. 

Now to the second austerity, and I mean voluntary austerity, because any imposed rules won’t stick. It has to come from a deep and philosophical understanding, a revolutionary change in our world view. 

The second austerity measure is ‘no intoxication of any sorts’, which besides drugs means no alcohol, cigarettes, tea and coffee also. 

It is is certainly good for our health, what to speak of our spiritual health. The strive for satisfaction of the senses by stuffing so many things into the nine holes of our body such as mouth,  eyes, ears, genitals etc. is already so intoxicating, why increase the intoxication? If we want to develop spiritually, develop our consciousness in the evolutionary process we need to be very, very sober. No intoxication therefore makes absolutely sense. 

Our next austerity measure is ‘no gambling’. This includes the lottery as well as mental speculation. 

Let me explain. Gambling destroys truthfulness, but truthfulness is ever so important for the practitioner on the spiritual path and for those who intend to raise their level of consciousness in the evolutionary process. 

Let me be clear, evolution doesn’t happen the Darwinian way that when you, the person, leaves your apparent, namely this body, the apartment changes into another apartment. We have never seen that. There is absolutely no evidence. The missing link is still missing after so much research and after almost 200 years. 

What’s happening is that you move out of one apartment and move into another, according to your ability to pay the rent. Evolution is a fact. It has been well known much before Darwin, but it’s the spiritual evolution of consciousness and according to consciousness one gets a new apartment or body. 

Back to the gambling bit. Mental speculation is also gambling. It has absolutely no value and it certainly doesn’t help in ascertaining the truth.

The next austerity measure is ‘no illicit sex’, which means no sex outside of marriage and even within marriage only for the propagation of children. 

This seems impossible for most even to contemplate and difficult even for those on the spiritual path but it is easy for one who as made significant advancement in spiritual life. 


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