The Gold Standard


“Don’t throw good money after bad money” has recently been pronounced by some European politicians in connection with the Greek crisis. 

Well, there isn’t such a thing as ‘good money’. It’s just paper with no real value backing it up such as gold. Gold has long been removed. 

What we are seeing unfolding at the moment is the collapse of Greece which will be followed by the collapse of Europe. Once that is done the US $ goes. 

The next thing we will hear are calls for a One World Government. Welcome to the New World Order. 

Here are further details

Today, as of 19 July 2015, as expected, the first call for a central European government comes from France according to BBC news:

“Meanwhile France’s president called for the creation of a eurozone government.”

The agenda is going according to plan. It does not take much imagination for calls for a One World Government to be heard once the ecomic and monetary system is in free fall. That is the next part of the agenda placing the Rothschild Bankers at its top. 

Here is an interesting interview with Janis Varoufakis, the Greek ex finance minister, about the European project and the collapse of the Euro and ultimately the European Union. 

And here is the latest update about the recent stock market turbulences in China as of 27 July 2015. These are all symptoms of the unavoidable collapse of the entire global financial system. 

Following are some interesting quotes from political leaders which highlight the precarious situation we find ourselves in today. 

The United States Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, told his European counterparts that “if Europe goes down, we’ll go down with it”.

The president of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, told Europe’s leaders: “We have the worst financial crisis since World War Two.”

Former UK Chancellor Alistair Darling said that to impose on a country (Greece) “something that would have been worthy of the Treaty of Versailles is absolutely ludicrous. It just isn’t going to work.”

Angela Merkel’s authority will be diminished. She has staked her legacy on insisting that “if the euro fails, then Europe fails”.


The Myth of Growth


Economic growth at all cost is the golden calf worshipped by almost everyone. No one can escape it. Everything seems to be measured these days by economic growth. 

Why can’t we grow up and understand that the resources of this planet don’t grow, the opposite is true, they get more and more depleted. How is it possible to grow something unlimitedly on limited resources. It is a paradox which means an economic idea and model entirely based on growth will eventually end up in fighting and war for the last remaining traces of resources, – oil, minerals and even water, you name it, until it eventually collapses. It is not sustainable. 

But who cares if the focus is on the now and here. After me the biblical flood. This is the mindset of the ‘growers’. Satisfaction of the senses now and when I die it’s all finished and over. Therefore let me enjoy now as long as I can. Let’s have pity on those who have subscribed to this world view. It destroys the planet for everyone. Thus it is the epitome of egotism and selfishness. 

Just to pick one of those ‘growing’ ideas is a third runway at Heathrow airport in London, UK. The entire concept is based on the wonder drug of economic growth not understanding that the whole world economic model and concept based on growth is in its final hours. The collapse is not far away. The economic cycle has run its course. 

Here is an interesting piece of news from the BBC website burried deep down in some obscure article. There have only been three times in modern history when economic growth has been below 1 percent, namely just before the First World War, before the Second World War and last year in 2914. Everyone can draw their own conclusions. 

What we need is an entirely new economic model based on cooperation and symbiosis rather than competition and exploitation based on Darwin’s misconception of survival of the fittest. This is the philosophical underpinning of the existing mess. It is not true, neither is it useful for human civilisation. 

And where is the gold which should count as the basis for modern currency? It’s all gone. All what is left is paper and the belief in an idea which is close to collapse. The gold standard as it used to be has eroded completely. 

In the Nixon era the French government asked the U.S. to give them their gold back. It was refused and a law was consequently enacted to protect the United States economic interests, in short, no one can have their deposited gold back. Don’t even ask. Why? Because it does not exist anymore, just pieces of paper without any real value. And that value is only in the minds of those who still buy into the scam. Welcome to the New World Order.