Collective Karma

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris have caused the Western World to hold its breath. Many questions have been asked and many answers have been given. Let’s look at what is happening from the spiritual perspective.

The other day I came across the following article on the BBC website, ‘Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, doubts the presence of God.’

The archbishop said: “Saturday morning, I was out and as I was walking I was praying and saying: ‘God why – why is this happening? Where are you in all this?’ and then engaging and talking to God. Yes, I doubt.”

Do we really expect a civilization which is entirely based on the material pursuit of happiness through sense gratification, a civilization which is godless and sinful and which collectively kills 50 billion animals annually for nothing more than the taste of the tongue, a civilization which is based on meat eating, money, sex and intoxication, – do we expect such a decadent civilization to survive?

The answer is an obvious no! A civilization which has lost all spiritual knowledge and connection and instead of realizing the Self engages in material pursuits only, such a civilization is doomed. The latest Charley Hebdo cover, inspired by the Paris attacks, says it all. It is supposed to show resilience and reads, ‘F–ck them. We have champagne!’

The following description has been given.

The cover shows a man littered with bullet holes spewing arches of champagne while drinking the bubbly drink and seemingly dancing – though if he were real, he’d be dying. It is captioned: “Ils ont les armes. On les emmerde, ona le champagne!”, which translates “They have weapons. F— them. We have champagne!”

If our Western values are based on champagne, sex and money the days of such a civilization are certainly counted.

Back to the Archbishop’s question, ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’ The question arises what is a good person. Most will quickly answer, ‘I am a good person. I don’t harm anyone.’ But what about the 50 billion animals killed annually. They are also children of God. They are spirit souls just like you and me, only in a different body according to their karma, which means according to their deeds in their previous life.

Let me tell you about a recent encounter with some Christian missionaries. When I questioned them about the Bible statement ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ they were confused what God really wanted to say because in the very next text God said you should offer me a lamb on the sacrificial altar for sacrifice.

Because they were confused about the apparent contradictory statements and because they couldn’t reconcile the two they concluded that the ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ should actually mean ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder’. Therefore they changed the text in the Bible from ‘kill’ to ‘murder’. Now they were in harmony again because they refrained from murdering their fellow brothers and sisters while at the same time they could continue killing and eating the flesh of innocent animals as they were accustomed to.

Let’s have a look what these two statements really mean and if they are at all contradictory. Killing means all creatures including the animals and murder refers to humans only. There will always be a section of people in  society who are bound on eating the flesh of animals. This is, however, discouraged by God because it is sinful and the perpetrator will have to suffer greatly for it. And those who are desperate for the taste of blood should at least offer the animal, and not just any animal but a lower animal such as a lamb or goat, on the sacrificial altar as a sacrifice. And most of all the meat eater has to kill the animal himself.

There is an equivalent in Vedic civilization. The desperate meat eater has to select a black goat, black, without any white spots or other mixed colours. Then at the time of the dark moon he has to take that goat to the middle of a dark forest, take his knive and whisper into the goats ear, ‘I will kill you now and I promise you that you can kill me in return in my next life.’ Then only can he cut the throat of the goat and eat his flesh.

What does this all mean? It is meant to discourage the killing of animals and subsequently eating their flesh. But this is not happening today, just the opposite. Innocent animals are being killed on an industrial scale by the billions in the most barbaric ways similar to a concentration camp. Do we really think there will be no repercussions? Meat eating and the inherent killing destroys our ability of compassion and mercy.

Back to the Christian missionaries. They said Jesus ate fish, so can we. When I asked them how many times does the Bible record Jesus having eaten fish, if at all, they said ‘once.’ If Jesus has really eaten fish once and if we really want to ‘imitate’ Jesus instead of following him, then we may also eat fish once in our life time and that’s it. After all they were very much adept in following the Bible by the word.

The next argument was ‘after the great flood God allowed man to eat meat.’ They never thought that deep to question ‘Why?’ It was a concession because there was nothing else available. Now what is a concession? It is meant for a particular time and circumstances. Where is the flood today? There are so many choices of food, grains, fruit and vegetables which are less violent choices that there is no need of eating the flesh of innocent animals. After all, the original diet according to Genesis was a purely vegetarian diet of fruit, vegetables and seed bearing plants.

To illustrate this point further the flowing example could be given. Your boss in the office allows you to go home at midday because it is your birthday. However, if you take the license and go home at midday every day thereafter he surely won’t be pleased. It was a concession for a particular time and circumstances. I think the point is clear.

After the Paris attacks a many say this is an attack on our Western values. What exactly are then these values? One may put forward so many accomplishments in science, literature, poetry, music etc. but one cannot escape the fact that all what is left of those values is total materialism centered around money, sex, intoxication, in short sense gratification in the pursuit of ever fleeting and elusive happiness and one may want to ask the question, is that really worth defending. What started with a God fearing civilization has ended with an atheistic civilization without God where even the Archbishop of Canterbury is not anymore sure if God really exists.

To make sense of the Paris attacks, to make sense of the great wars of the past and of the even greater wars still to come one has to look at the concept of reincarnation and karma, individual and collective. These concepts are not unknown to Christianity but have systematically been deleted from the Bible at the Council of Constantinople in order to bring an end to Christian persecution by making Christianity palatable to the Roman emperor Constantine.

However, the concepts of reincarnation and karma have again surfaced in the wake of Eastern religions coming West and the New Age awakening. Today many are familiar with the phrase ‘What goes around, comes around’, which is in brief the concept of karma. Karma is a natural law like the law of gravity, just in a more subtle way, action and reaction, nothing is lost and everything is accounted for. This works on an individual as well as on a collective level.

Reincarnation takes place when the spirit soul, this infinitesimal spiritual spark, leaves the material vessel or body at the time of death. This spiritual spark then is attracted and directed, according to the law of karma, which means according to his deeds and actions, to the womb of another mother in a human or animal species, from where he then takes another birth and begins another cycle of existence.

In this way the spirit soul circles around the material universes, sometimes in the upper and sometimes in the lower planetary systems until it gets elevated to his higher consciousness and achieves liberation and residence in the spiritual realm.

This natural law of karma works on an individual level as explained above, however, it also manifests itself on a collective level. The great wars of the past where whole populations were wiped out and the Great War still to come are examples of such collective karma. Even an airplane disaster, earthquakes with tens of thousands of victims or vulcanic eruptions, massive tsunamis, drought, floods etc. where a great number of people loose their life are examples of collective karma.

The question is often raised how does an innocent child or innocent person deserve such hardship by material nature, in short, how do bad things happen to good people. If we only look at the present life cycle of a person we may be deceived to think they are ‘innocent’ but if we look a bit further into their previous life we would understand that they are not that innocent at all. Therefore it is very difficult to comprehend why ‘bad things happen to seemingly good people’ without understanding reincarnation and the law of karma. In this light the doubts of the Archbishop are not really surprising and without such knowledge people in generally are baffled and conclude God must be cruel or come ultimately to the conclusion that there is no God. This is due to lack of proper knowledge.

Let’s have a look at the economic and political background for the global collective karma to take shape. The global economy is on the brink of collapse. Going to war in Syria will divert the attention just as it has done before WW1 and WW2.

The world economic growth has been below 2% three times in recent history, namely just before WW1, before WW2 and in 2014. That says it all. A war in Syria and the wider Middle East is a perfect WW3 scenario. The stage is set. And, have no doubt,  it will be nuclear this time around.

The BBC said Putin launched air strikes in Syria arguing that it would make Russia safer; instead, 224 people were blown up last month in a bomb attack. How then will it make the UK saver if parliament voted to take part in the Syrian air campaign?

The global Climate conference is coming up in December 2015, however, this is an almost negligible event in the face of a nuclear WW3 scenario resulting in a climate catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. Here is an environmental impact study of a limited nuclear conflict.

In the meantime governments all over the world will enact emergency laws, not because of a terrorist thread, but in order to control their own citizen. Expect emergency laws to stay. One wonders who is actually financing IS. Some say it is financed by the CIA, looking at the bigger picture.

We know now Pearl Harbour was staged in order to start WW2, or at the least it was known the attack was going to take place, what therefore makes us think the global terror threat is not staged too? It does not take much imagination to come to this conclusion. All what is needed now is to convince UK MPs to join the war effort is a Paris styled attack in London.

These are the horrors of war. It appears like a bombing campaign by the Western Alliance. Will the first nuclear device fall in Syria or Israel one can only wonder. The band at the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris was called ‘Eagles of Death Metal’. The real ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ will soon bring devastation to the Middle East and the world.

Another interesting point is that the UK Prime Minister and Mr Hollande call IS nihilists. Where does Jean Paul Satre, the proponent of nihilism come from? We call them impersonalists.

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron makes a case for UK involvement in the Syrian war. The perfect storm and the perfect WW3 scenario take shape, the collective karma ripens.

The terror enemy is portrait as trans-national and global. So will be the fight against it, a global war indeed, a World War.

It may start localised but will quickly expand as global powers are drawn in. The perfect scenario on the eve of the collapse of the global economy. This is nothing new really. The same old tricks and forces are in place again. Where is China in all of this one wonders? Will it stay out and collect the spoils afterwards? It is amazing, people have such a short historical memory.

There is lots of noise from the UK government. They really want to join the war effort and are lobbying MPs of all shades and colours with feeble arguments such as ‘a Paris styled attack could easily happen in the UK’.

You can be sure that such an attack will happen if the government doesn’t get its way. Then they can say ‘we told you’ and have the war machinery running hot.

The powers to be are unscrupulous. Anything can and will be staged to divert the attention from the global economic collapse. The same old policy of fear. Watch the video from the link above. If the government doesn’t get the war vote within a week or two you can be sure there will be a Paris styled attack in London, perhaps even a dirty bomb. London is right now the most dangerous place to be.

Today we have the 24th of June 2016, the day after the UK decided to leave the European Union. This entire saga is merily another part of the puzzle bringing the world closer to global economic collapse. No one really knows what will happen over the next few days and weeks. The Pound is in dramatic decline while the stock markets are almost in free fall. The really big question is do we need yet another war to shore up the world economy? Some would say the war has already begun but it could get much worse. The likelihood of a nuclear exchange moves ever so closer.