How is possible to build a fence around the more prosperous countries of the Western World when the poor, the bombed and the starving  are looking over the fence while we are gorging ourselves on a big feast.

“These people want to take our hard earned money”, really? Where do the riches of the New World really come from? We have exploited and colonialized the third world for centuries. That’s where the prosperous Western countries got and still get their wealth from.

What about the wars? Yes, the rich countries have created them too out of greed for resources and a mindset to control and lord it over. The entire paradigm is screwed. It is a world view of egotism to the extreme which has its roots in the biblical misunderstanding of the “I have given you domination over all creatures” as well as the Darwinian concept of “Survival of the Fittest”. Let’s analyse both these concepts.

What does it mean that God has given man (Genesis) dominion over all creatures? Does it mean we can dominate over all creatures, kill them, eat them and use them as commodity? No. Dominion means protection. The King or Queen has dominion over his or her subjects. That doesn’t mean he or she will kill them for his or her sense enjoyment. Dominion means protection; all creatures have been given to man for protection and not for exploitation.

Regarding Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest, it is a myth. Nature doesn’t work like that. Nature works in symbiosis with each and every part and participant. The Darwinian theory of evolution is a myth and fraud, which has created havoc in the world by justifying to climb up the evolutionary ladder by hook and by crook and subdue and exploit everyone and everything on the way. It is a totally egocentric concept with the results that we see today.

This world view needs changing if mankind is to survive. First of all the body of a fish, bird or mammal such as the monkey etc. is not changing into another body or even into a human body. The missing link is still missing after almost 200 years. Things are much more complex than this. Evolution is a fact but it is to be understood to be the evolution of consciousness.

Let’s look at a simple example. I live in an apartment but I am either unable to pay the rent any longer or I have found a better apartment and want to move. In short, I move from one apartment into another according to my ability to pay the rent. This is called evolution of consciousness or the evolution of the actual person, the soul , whereas I am the tenant and the rent is my accumulated sukriti or pious merit. According to the Darwinian misconception the apartment is changing into another apartment. This has never been observed nor is it logical.

I, the spirit soul, will change my body according to my sukriti or pious credit or in short according to my consciousness. This is the evolution of consciousness or the evolution of the soul.

Why is this important? It is important because the Darwinion concept of the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ has created an exploitative and egocentric mindset and worldview of which we are seeing the results today. Matter is a product of spirit, not spirit a product of matter.

Are we really the crown of civilisation and is it true before us were only cave men and hunter gatherers? No, this is another myth which history and archeology don’t support.

The truth is that there has been a global civilisation some 5,000 years ago which was many times more advanced than our so called civilisation today. This was called the Vedic civilisation.

The land is for everyone. It does not belong to us or any particular ethnic  group, or nation. The land was there before any particular people or so called nation. Let’s take America for example. People say it is our country but before that it was the country of the red man and before that of someone else. All what we have done is proclaim false proprietorship of something we have stolen from someone else. Ultimately all land belongs to God.

How then can we claim proprietorship and restrict others in their movement by saying this is our land and country and you cannot come here. Only a thief speaks like this. ‘Illigal’ Immigration is therefore a concept to keep others out of what we have usurped and what does not belong to us.

And what kind of language is it from the head of government to call desperate people who have escaped the horrors of war which we are responsible for, to call such people ‘swarms’ of immigrants. It sounds like a swarm of wasps which you can treat with pesticides because they are disturbing your enjoyment. The Nazis too were very expert to create dehumanising language to achieve their goals or the example of ‘pregnancy termination’ instead of murder could be cited.

Recently the UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said the continent [Europe] would not be able to “preserve its standard of living and social infrastructure”, if it has to absorb “millions” of migrants from Africa. These are words from a minister who thinks that preserving his living standard is more important than giving shelter to those fleeing war and starvation.

Let’s go back to the fundamentals, we are all children of the same father and thus brothers and sisters. We are all spirit souls by nature. Only the body, the machine so to speak, is white, black or yellow. Only our passports differ, only the names of our countries with their artificial borders differ. Regarding the evolution of consciousness these differences are utterly unimportant. What is important is that we are spirit by nature, our true nature, but covered with so many bodily identities which separate us from each other.

Therefore, if we look at the so called problem of immigration with an equal vision, with a spiritual vision, then we suddenly see there is actually no problem. The only problem is that this spiritual vision of equality is not promoted due to a deep lack of spiritual education and a profound level of ignorance. Let’s start today with addressing just this.

Here is a practical example of spirit in action while political leaders can only speak, deflect, hide or blame each other. Europe Wake Up!